My exchange time in Helsinki, Finland

Unkarilainen työssäoppija Virag on ollut elokuussa Omnian kirjastossa ja OmniaShopissa. Alla Viragin mietteitä ja kokemuksia vaihdosta. 

How did you apply to this student exchange?

Our school provided a program called “Erasmus+”. All pupils were able to apply for the exchange to Finland. We had to do a presentation, and then took a personal talk with our teachers. Luckily I was one of the 13 pupils who get picked for the one month trip to Helsinki.

What activities have you done in Finland?

The Erasmus+ program provided us some beautiful activities e. g. visiting the Fazer chocolate factory. We also went to the National Park (Nuuksio),to the Helsinki tuomiokirkko, the classic smoked Sauna and to Linnanmäki. In the first few days we went to sightseeing with my group, and we saw plathora of beautiful places around the city.

What have you done in your job there?

I worked at the Library in Omnia called Kirjasto and at the Shop of Omnia too as a helping student. I had a couple of work, everyday I learned new things. One of my tasks was to administrate the new customers in the library`s special program.

Also the library has some iPads which can be borrowed by teachers for their lessons. After the teachers returning the iPads the original Image has to be restored to be ready for the new customer. In the shop I had that opportunity to make the shop even better by decorating it, and also I could level up my customer service skills.

I have learned a lot of new things and met a lot of interesting people during my practical time.

My personal experience in Finland?

I increased my English language skills a lot, also I learned some Finnish words that I can use in the future. I found it interesting that the people need to stop the bus by waving at them, because it won`t stop.

I really enjoyed the meals too, I like that kind of system that offering different type of menu for vegans only.

To sum up, I can say that my fascination for Finland never expired since I spend part of my summer in Finland. The beautiful nature, the peaceful environment, kind people and the omnipresence of water is kind of what I dream of perfect living conditions.