Kolme viikkoa Opiskelijoiden Digituessa: kv-vaihtarin kokemuksia Omniasta

Saksalainen Johannes Witterauf Bambergista oli kolmen viikon pituisella Erasmus-vaihtojaksolla lokakuussa. Hän työskenteli Omnian kirjastossa Opiskelijoiden Digituessa yhdessä omnialaisten työssäoppijoiden kanssa. Johannes kirjoitti kokemuksistaan vaihtojaksolla Omnian kirjaston blogiin.

Meille kirjastolaisille Johanneksen vierailu toi virkistävän mahdollisuuden työenglannin käyttöön ja käytännön yhteistyöhön kv-toimiston kanssa. – Osa kv-toimiston henkilöstöstä työskentelee nykyisin Kirkkokadulla kirjastossa, huoneessa KA0070.

My Exchange to Helsinki, Finland

How did you apply to this student exchange?


Our school provided a program called “Erasmus+”. All pupils were able to apply for the exchange to Finland. Luckily I was one of the 4 pupils who get picked for the 3 weeks trip to Helsinki.

Our first task was to find an apartment, but we didn’t know each other so we had to meet first to get known each other. We didn’t have much time left and only 11% of the apartments were still available. After a couple of days we finally found one affordable apartment in Helsinki, the perfect location for us to do some activities after our work.

What activities have you done in Finland?

Omnia provided us some beautiful activities e. g. visiting the sea fortress (Suomenlinna) and a Helsinki tour guide leaded by students of Omnia. Also we met some audiovisual communication students, they wanted to be our local guides. We also went to the National Park (Nuuksio), the Island Zoo, the classic smoked Sauna and to Estonia.

What have you done in your job there?


I worked at the Library in Omnia called Kirjasto as a “Digituki” (Digital Support). I had a couple of projects and also some routine work. One of my tasks was to put the Digital Support website into WordPress because the site needed to be also usable for mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones. Also the library has some iPads which can be borrowed by teachers for their lessons. After the teachers returning the iPads the original Image has to be restored to be ready for the new customer.

Also I was able to be a little part of an event. I helped to build up the network there and made the devices ready for the event.

I have learned a lot of new things and met a lot of interesting people during my practical time.

My personal experience in Finland?

I increased my English language skills a lot, also I learned some finnish words. Because we were staying at a private apartment, we get a very good view into the culture and how the Finns live.

To sum up, I can say that it was a beautiful time in Finland and the people are so friendly and helpful and a unique experience everyone should do once.